Company Bio

Phillips Performance was founded by the inability to locate a product, to satisfy a need.   Since that time we have endeavored to create, locate and make available products that are of the highest quality and difficult to locate in the market place today.  Striving to design problem solving products that are of the highest quality and well thought out.  We also make available specific vendors with unique products we would want to use, and that compliment our own products.  

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Bill PHillips Bio

Bills hobbies was set in stone at an early age when Bills parents presented him with a choice of athletics or owning a car.  This was followed by the choice of attending college for Automotive design engineering, and that was followed by the money motivation of a poor college student to switch majors.   The next phase of life returned Bill to his passion and ultimately enabled him to return to his true passion of making things his way.  The products offered by Phillips Performance reflect the desire to have a vehicle that stands out from the rest without being over stated.  While this company was recently founded by long hard evenings in the shop trying to find ways to make things unfound, the products quality have not been sacrificed for the sake of money.  Not having Phillips Performance as a major source of income allows creativity without the constraints of needed income from it.  We hope you enjoy anything you buy from Phillips Performance.